What Kinds of Diamonds Do You Buy?

  • Any Diamond .75ct and above
  • Large Diamonds
  • Rare Diamonds
  • Different Colored Diamonds (pink,yellow,blue,red etc)
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Gold, Silver, Platinum

Where are you Located?

We are Royal Gems Corp. and are located at 55 West 47th st #203, New York, NY 10036

How much will i get?

It all depends on the 4 C’s to diamond, the cut, clarity, carat and color, you can be rest assured you will get the going rate and top dollar for all your diamond jewelry.

What else do you buy?

We buy all diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, coins and watches, we are a gold refinery so you can expect to get almost the full price for your gold and other precious metals and stones.