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What we buy


We have hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world that have sold their diamond engagement rings to us. When you sell your engagement ring to us you will have the peace of mind that you made the right choice, we are not going to lowball you or rip you off, our service is buying your ring at a top price and selling it to make a little profit.

Rare diamonds:

We specialize in buying rare diamonds, no matter how rare, no matter how much your rare diamond is worth we want to buy it, we are interested in all different colored and exotic diamonds as well. We are certified gemologists and offer free appraisals on any diamond you are considering to sell.

Loose diamond

We specialize in buying loose diamonds, when you are looking to sell a diamond, come get it appraised by our diamond experts first, we have a convenient location in NYC and are diamond experts by trade. We specialize in buying rare and loose diamonds and pay the highest cash offer for all loose diamonds and gems, we are professional diamond buyers and gemologists and are located in Midtown Manhattan near all major subways and only us can give you the most cash for your loose diamonds.

Colored Diamonds:

We specialize in buying colored diamonds, we buy all colored diamonds, red, blue, black, yellow, green, brown, you name it we buy it and pay top dollar for it. We can afford to pay top dollar for different colored diamonds because we know and have at our disposal the clientele that demands it.


Watches are difficult to get an accurate value on if you aren’t an expert because two watches that look and feel very similar can actually be worth very different amounts. Here at Sell Diamonds NYC we have professional watch appraisers on staff to help you get the best price on your watch possible.


Most people will only own gemstones that are part of different types of jewelry, but you can sell them as freestanding gems as well. While most people have seen advertisements for selling gold, silver and diamonds, it is also very profitable to sell your gemstones if you can find the right buyer.


If you’re looking to get some extra money quickly, there are few things you can do that are more effective than selling silver. Most people don’t even realize how much silver they likely own, and how much it can be worth if they are able to find the right silver buyers in NYC.


We are one of the top gold buyers in NYC, and we’ve been doing it for many years. Unlike many of the new places you see popping up on every corner, we’re experienced gold buyers and we’re happy to help you.


Many people have impressive coin collections, and don’t even realize the high value of what they are holding on to. We are interested in all types of valuable coins, including the gold and silver options.