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It seems like everywhere you look today you’ll see signs of companies who are trying to get you to sell them your gold.  This is because gold is at historically high levels right now, and the price is expected to continue to go up for some time.  While it is obvious that if you’re looking for some easy money, selling your gold is a good idea, it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to go to sell it.  We are one of the top gold buyers in NYC, and we’ve been doing it for many years.  Unlike many of the new places you see popping up on every corner, we’re experienced gold buyers and we’re happy to help you.

What Gold Buyers
in NYC Want

When you’re looking through your house to see if you have anything of value to sell, make sure you take a close look at anything you own that is made with gold.  Due to the fact that it is so valuable right now, you can get quite a big payout for a fairly small amount of gold.  Here are some things you might own that are made from gold so you can cash them out.

  • Jewelry – This is by far the most common thing people own that has gold in it.  Whether it is a ring, necklace or anything else, gold jewelry is very popular.  One nice thing about selling gold jewelry is that you will at least get the value of the gold, but if it is a nice piece you might get even more than the base value!
  • Watches – If you own a gold watch it can be worth quite a bit.  Even a broken watch can be taken down and sold just for the gold it contains.  For working watches, or those which can be repaired, you can often get much more than you might expect.
  • Gold Coins – Whether they were purchased as an investment or handed down through the family, gold coins are a great option when you’re looking to make money.  If the coins have a good history to them they can be worth a lot more than just the value of the gold in them.

How Much will Gold
Buyers in NYC Pay

The value of the gold you have will typically be based on how much of it you have.  Gold is normally sold by the ounce, so our expert gold buyers will weigh the item and test it for purity.  Based on the information they find they will make you an offer.  We set the prices based on not only the prices on the open market, but also based on what other gold buyers in New York are paying.  This is why you can count on us to pay more than anyone else.  We strive to always pay as much as possible for every item because we know that will build up loyalty with our customers.  So come on in and get your gold evaluated free of charge and possibly walk out with a pocket full of money!