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We see it all the time. People come into us upset that they sold a lot of their old coins to coin buyers in NYC that had no idea as to what they were doing. When you sell coins to someone, you probably don’t know what the value of the coins are that you have – which is why it’s even more important for you to go to someone who can tell you about the value properly. If a jeweler isn’t familiar with coins, they may buy them from you, but they may be bought at pennies above face value, which means you aren’t making close to what they are really worth. When you bring coins into us, we will show you how things can be very different.

Coin Buyers in NYC Need a Good Reputation

The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. You will be able to check out the reputation of anyone and everyone prior to doing business with them. This includes coin buyers in NYC. If you look up Sell Diamonds NYC, you will find that we have a number of customers who are very satisfied with our services.

Some coin buyers in NYC simply do not know what they are doing. They will glance at your coins and provide you with the value hoping that they provide you with a value that is less than what they can sell them for. Because this is the MO of many coin buyers, they will provide you with a value that is considerably lower than what your coins are worth.

Once you learn about us, you’ll find that no other coin buyers can compare. While we will make a profit on the coins that we sell, we also want to make sure that you make a profit as well. This win-win has allowed us to become one of the top coin buyers throughout all of New York City.

Coin Buyers in NYC Need
to Provide an Appraisal

It’s easy for someone to tell you what the value of one coin is worth. When you have a handful of coins (or more) and you want to know what the values are, it’s important for you to know that someone is going to give you the time of day to properly provide you with an appraisal of what your coin collection is worth.

Many people will quickly thumb through the coins, spewing off amounts from the top of their head. These may or may not be right and it may be happening so fast that you don’t know what you are going to make off of each coin. Next thing you know, the place has given you an amount for all of the coins and you’re nodding your head in agreement. Before you know it, you’ve sold your coin collection for considerably less than what it is worth.

You can avoid these problems by getting an accurate appraisal. When you bring coins into us, we prove that we are not like other coin buyers in NYC. We take the time to look at each coin, the year, as well as the condition of the coin. We know the value of many common coins off the top of our head, but there may be other coins that we have to look up. We have the latest resources at our disposal in order to accomplish this.

Finding coin buyers in NYC is easy. Finding coin buyers in NYC that know what they are doing is a little harder. Stop into Sell Diamonds NYC today to find out why we are the preferred coin buyer by many residents. We have a convenient location on West 47th Street in New York City.