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If you’re looking to get some extra money quickly, there are few things you can do that are more effective than selling silver.  Most people don’t even realize how much silver they likely own, and how much it can be worth if they are able to find the right silver buyers in NYC.  This is one of the easiest ways to not only make some quick money, but also to get rid of old items that you no longer want or use!

Items Silver Buyers
in NYC Want

The first step to sell your silver is to figure out what you happen to own.  There are many things which you might own that have significant amounts of silver in them, and even small pieces add up quickly.  Of the things listed below, some will be valuable only for the amount of silver that is in them, and others will be even more value based on other factors.

  • Jewelry – Many people own old rings, ear rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry that they no longer wear.  If it is made from silver you can bring it in and we’ll make you an offer.  Old and broken pieces are typically only as valuable as the silver they contain, but some pieces might be worth much more based on the style or history.
  • Silverware – Many people have an old set of silverware that is actually made from silver.  These things often weigh quite a bit and can contain thousands of dollars worth of silver.
  • Coins – If you’ve got silver coins you can sell them very easily.  Most coins are worth a set amount based on the amount of silver, but some have historical value as well which can really boost the price you get.
  • Other Items – When you start looking through your old items you may find something made from silver.  If that’s the case, just bring it in and we’ll make you an offer

Silver Buyers in NYC
make it easy to sell

No matter what types of things you have to sell us, we’re more than happy to take a look.  Whether you’re selling silver or something else entirely, we will give it a close look to figure out its value, and then make you an offer for it.  Our evaluations are always 100% free with no obligation to sell it, so you’re not putting anything at risk.  The worst case scenario is that you learn a little more about the items you have and walk out of the store with the items you came in with.

If, once we evaluate the silver you bring in, we can come to an agreement on the price; we will write you a receipt and pay you on the spot.  We can pay you in cash right away so you have the money you need.  This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get money quickly if you have virtually any type of silver you’d like to sell.