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If you’ve got a valuable watch that you no longer wear, you might be interested in selling it for a little extra cash.  This is an excellent way to turn something unwanted into quite a bit of cash, but many people don’t know where they can go for top dollar on their watches.  Some people turn to eBay or CraigsList for this type of thing, but unfortunately those sites typically get you a much smaller payday than you could from an expert watch buyer.

The most important thing you’re going to want to look for when you’re looking for a watch buyer in New York is a business that has someone on staff who knows all about watches.  Watches are difficult to get an accurate value on if you aren’t an expert because two watches that look and feel very similar can actually be worth very different amounts.  Things like the age, style, brand name and condition of the watch will determine how much you’re going to be able to get for it.

Sell Diamonds NYC Watch Buyers

Here at Sell Diamonds NYC we have professional watch appraisers on staff to help you get the best price on your watch possible.  Not only will they be able spot a counterfeit watch quickly and easily, but they also know what is in style today and what’s not.  For many people this will mean that they are able to get much more money than they might have expected from their watch.

Watches went through a period where they fell out of style during the 1990’s and early 2000’s when more and more people were carrying pagers and phones with a clock in them, but over the past several years they have been making a major comeback.  This has driven the prices for both newer and older watches up significantly.

What to Expect from
Watch Buyers in NYC

When you come into our shop you’re going to want to start by talking to our watch expert.  We have someone who can evaluate the value of your watch on staff at all times so you won’t have to wait around to be helped.  Depending on the type of watch, it shouldn’t take too get a good estimate of its value.  Of course, some of the more elaborate watches will take slightly longer because it is important to get a good look at any gemstones, and the type of gold or silver used in them.

Once our expert has taken a close look at your watch, we’ll make you an offer to purchase it from you.  If we can come to an agreement on the price of the watch we’ll give you cash for the watch, and you will be all set.  The whole process is quick and painless so you won’t be stuck waiting around all day to sell your watch.  If we can’t come to an agreement on the price, you can always keep your watch  and the evaluation of its value is free of charge.