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With today’s troubling economy many people are looking for ways to come up with some extra money quickly and one of the best ways to do that is to sell any gemstones you might own.  Most people will only own gemstones that are part of different types of jewelry, but you can sell them as freestanding gems as well.  While most people have seen advertisements for selling gold, silver and diamonds, it is also very profitable to sell your gemstones if you can find the right buyer.

Types of Gemstones Buyers in NYC want

IF you’re looking through you’re jewelry box to see if you have any gemstones you might want to sell, you might be curious about which stones will get the most money.  There is always demand for high quality loose gemstones so if you have any of those you can get good money for them.  Things like natural ruby’s, garnets, sapphires and emeralds are always in demand.  The prices for gemstones are constantly changing.  The prices we offer when buying gemstones are based off of the current market prices.

If all you have is gemstones that are part of other jewelry, don’t worry, we buy that as well.  In many cases you can actually get more money for this type of deal because the piece of jewelry might add additional value.  Most jewelry with fine gemstones will also be made from good quality gold or silver, which will be worth quite a bit as well.  Whatever you have, just bring it in and we’ll give you a free appraisal and an offer for how much we can buy it for.

The Process of Buying
Gemstones in NYC

Once you’ve identified any pieces of jewelry or loose gemstones that you want to sell all you have to do is bring them down to the shop.  We have expert jewelers on staff every day to evaluate your gemstones quickly so you know exactly what you have.  We have all the tools and equipment right here on site to help us learn about the exact value of every piece that comes in.

Once we’ve gotten a good look at what you have to offer, we’ll make you an offer to purchase it.  We try to pay as much as possible for all your jewelry or gemstones because if we give you a fair price, we know you’ll come back if you have something new you’d like to sell down the road.  When we make you an offer you’ll be able to either take the deal or you can decline and you won’t be out a dime.  If you accept our offer we will write it up and pay you in cash the very same day.  You can walk out of our shop with cash in your pocket!  All of our evaluations and offers are completely free of charge so it really doesn’t hurt anything to bring it in and see if we can make a deal.