We offer Cash for Gold Every Day

We offer Cash for Gold Every Day

If you’ve got gold of any type, and you’d like to sell it for cash, we are here to help you.  You’ve undoubtedly seen all the ‘we buy gold’ signs popping up in store windows all over, and there’s no really mystery why.  The price of gold has been skyrocketing over the past several years, and it continues to climb.  We’ve been in the business of buying gold for a very long time, and we’re ready to help you unload any gold you don’t want.  Our experience in this area will help ensure that the entire process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, and that you get the most money for your gold.

Can You Sell Gold of Any Type for cash in NYC

 Cash for Gold NYCIf you’ve never sold gold before you might wonder what types of gold you’re able to sell.  The fact is, any type of gold is valuable today, and in any amount.  Everything from a small gold ring to a large gold bar will bring in an impressive amount of money.  Many people are bringing in their old and broken jewelry that they no longer use.  This is a great way to clean out their jewelry boxes, and make some money in the process.  Our gold buyers in New York will be more than happy to look at any type of gold you have and give you a fair price for it.

Another common type of gold we see coming into our shop is gold coins.  There are two main categories of these coins that we buy.  First is the regular gold coin which was minted and sold as an investment over the past several decades.  These coins are typically worth a set amount based on the amount of gold in the coin.  The other category is historically important gold coins, or collectable coins.  Coins that might have been minted 100 or more years ago often has additional value on top of the gold they are made from.

Why Do We Buy Gold for Cash in NYC

Some people wonder why so many stores buy gold now days.  The fact is with gold at such a high price it is an excellent way for businesses to make money.  We pay people for their gold based on a combination of factors involving the going price per ounce on the open market, and the prices our competitors are paying.  This helps ensure you get the most money possible.  We buy gold because we can take it and turn around to sell it to either other individuals or companies that need it to make their products.

Since we’re able to buy in bulk from multiple customers, and we can get it for slightly less than the market value due to the conveniences we offer you, the customer, we are able to offer this service and still make a profit.  If you’re interested in selling gold, please bring it into our shop today for a free evaluation and an offer to purchase it.