How to Sell Gemstones in NY

How to Sell Gemstones in NY

Selling to gemstone buyers in NYC

Selling to gemstone buyers in NYC

If you’re interested in turning some old, unwanted jewelry into cold hard cash quickly and easily than you’re going to want to learn to sell gemstone jewelry today.  Selling your gemstones is surprisingly simple once you have the information you need, and since these types of precious stones have been so popular in jewelry for generations, you likely have more than you think.  Depending on the size and quality of the items you have, you can make a significant amount of money if you sell them to the right gemstone buyers in New York.


To start with you should go through all your jewelry and pick out any items that you no longer wear or don’t want.  If you run across broken jewelry, or even gemstones which have fallen out of their setting, you can often sell those too.  At this stage don’t worry about trying to figure out the quality or the amount they are worth.  Just gather up everything you’re interested in selling.

Learning about the gemstones you want to Sell

Once you have everything together you’ll want to take a little bit of time to learn what you can about them.  With the power of the internet you can typically find out how much each type of gem is going for right now, and even see what types of jewelry is in style.  The more popular a particular stone is at a given time, the more you’re going to be able to sell it for.  It is fairly simple to look up different jewelry trends online.

If you have information about each particular piece you can often use that to help figure out a general price as well.  If, for example, you know the exact carrot weight and quality of a particular gemstone that will help you understand how much it will go for.   Once you have gathered together all the information you can find on the items that you have, you can bring it into the shop and we’ll take a look.

Meet with Our Gemstone Buyers

When you come to our shop we’ll take the time to look through all that you have.  Our professional jewelers will be able to quickly identify the types of stones that you have, and give you a good offer for each of them.  We work with this type of thing every day, and we know how much money they are worth so it shouldn’t take us long to complete our analysis.

Once we’ve given you our offer we can discuss it, and try to come to an agreement.  We are always looking to buy different types of jewelry and gemstones so if you’re interested in selling we’ll pay you in cash that very day.  This is by far one of the easiest ways to make some quick money in New York when you need it, or to just clear out some unwanted or unneeded pieces of jewelry from your home.


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