Sell Rubies NYC

Sell Rubies NYC

When you’re looking to sell rubies in NYC it is important that you work with a shop that has experience and knows what they’re doing and how to help you through the process. Selling precious stones in New York can be a great way to get cash for jewelry that you no longer wear and for most people it is quite a bit easier than they might expect. Simply bring your old jewelry into our shop and we can give you an appraisal right on the spot. Even if you don’t live in the area we can look at your jewelry if you send it in through one of our insured envelopes.

We’ve got years of experience buying and selling rubies and other precious stones, and that helps us to serve our customers in the most effective way possible. We can look at jewelry whether it is just something you no longer like, or if it is broken or damaged. We’ll be able to let you know how much it is worth and even offer to purchase it right on the spot. This is truly the fastest and easiest way to sell rubies in NYC. Most people can walk out of our shop with cash in their pocket in under an hour which makes this one great way to sell any ruby jewelry you have.

Sell Rubies NYC | No Obligation Quotes

When you come in to sell rubies in NYC we’ll give you a free quote on how much we’re willing to offer you for the stones. If you’re not happy with the amount we offer, however, there is no obligation for you to sell. The quote and estimate on how much your items are worth is always free of charge so the worse that can happen is that you walk out of the shop with a little more information than you started with, and an offer which you can either take or leave.

This is a great first step for people who need a little extra cash, but aren’t sure if they want to sell their ruby jewelry or not. Our expert jewelers can also help by answering any questions you might have about the jewelry. Any time you want to sell rubies in NYC you are always welcome to stop in the shop and see how much they are worth. We work hard to offer the highest prices in Manhattan, but feel free to shop around to confirm that we offer the best prices in the city.

Sell Rubies NYC | Professional & Friendly

Many places which offer to buy jewelry from people seem to think that just because someone is looking to sell items for cash that they aren’t customers. We believe, however, that everyone who walks in our doors deserves to be treated professionally by everyone on our staff. We’ll work with you in a professional and friendly manner when you want to sell rubies in NYC so you can relax and make up your own mind on what you’d like to do. We want you to have the best experience possible and get the most money for your rubies so you’ll come back to us again and again.