Sell Emeralds NYC

Sell Emeralds NYC

Emerald jewelry is among the most beautiful and most popular, and it has been for some time. Many people own rings, earrings or necklaces which have emeralds in them, and while they are very attractive some people don’t wear them very often. As happens with many pieces of jewelry, newer items get purchased or styles change which leaves older items simply sitting in a jewelry box forgotten. Those who want to sell emeralds in NYC can make quite a bit of money getting rid of their old or unwanted jewelry. We purchase all types of gem stones from people in New York and Brooklyn.

Whether the piece is new or old, or even broken, we can give you an offer to purchase it from you. As one of the leading companies which buys and sells gemstones we can typically pay more than anyone else in the area. Those who want to sell emeralds in NYC can find the best prices and easiest to work with people by coming into Sell Diamonds NYC. We buy all types of precious stones and jewelry.

Sell Emeralds NYC | Expert Jeweler On Staff

One of the many things that sets us apart when it comes to working with people who want to sell emeralds in NYC is that we have an expert jeweler right on staff. You won’t have to wait for us to send your piece out to get apprised or wait for us to call someone in to take a look. We’ve also got all the tools and equipment to accurately appraise just about any type of jewelry. This is how we are able to pay such high prices to all our customers.

We will look closely at your emerald jewelry to determine things like the quality of the stone, the size and other factors like the setting and materials used in the jewelry. Once we know what you have, we can make an offer to purchase it right on the spot. There is no need to wait around for hours on end, we can get you the cash you want within very little time. When you need your cash quickly, or you just don’t want to be tied up all day, we are the best place to sell emeralds in NYC.

Sell Emeralds NYC | Buying All Types of Jewelry

As one of the premiere buyers of gemstones and jewelry in New York we want to buy just about any type of high quality jewelry you have. When we purchase these items we can then either have them fixed to be resold to someone else who will love them, or have the materials reused in new jewelry. Since we have great relationships with other jewelers we have more options than anyone else in the area, which is just one more reason why we are able to pay more than the competition.

If you want to sell emeralds in NYC, there is no better place to come than our shop. We will work with you quickly and professionally to help you get the money you need for the emerald jewelry you no longer want.