Emerald Buyers NYC

Emerald Buyers NYC

Selling emerald jewelry is not nearly as difficult as many people might expect. When you know where to find the best emerald buyers in NYC you can often have your jewelry or loose emeralds looked at within minutes of walking in the shop. Buy Diamonds NYC has been serving the people of Brooklyn and NYC for years, and we’re ready to help you as well. Even though our name is specific to diamonds, we buy all types of gem stones and other jewelry as well. We have highly experienced experts on staff ready to look at your jewelry and give you a great price.

When most people come in to sell their jewelry they are in a hurry because they need to get the money and deal with some sort of situation. Those who are selling jewelry due to an emergency need to get out and address the problem right away. Those who just want to sell their emeralds because they no longer wear them will want to get the cash so they can go shopping or enjoy it in other ways. No matter the reason, people want their emerald buyers in NYC to move quickly, and that’s just what we’ll do.

Emerald Buyers NYC | Open and Honest Buyers

When we look at your jewelry we’ll give you an honest review of what you have. We can let you know the size and quality of your emeralds or other gem stones so you’re aware of what it is you are selling. While most people are selling jewelry that they have had for years, they often don’t remember the exact statistics of their items so it is helpful to let them know. Many also got their jewelry as a gift so they don’t know exactly how large it was or what the quality of the stone was.

When selling emeralds that are still part of jewelry, the materials used in the setting and other pieces will also make a big difference in the price. As the leading emerald buyers in NYC we will take all these factors into account when making you an offer. This is just one of the things which allow us to make sure we are always the best paying emerald buyers in NYC. Each of our customers will benefit from getting the most money possible from any type of jewelry they bring to us.

Emerald Buyers NYC | Professional Buyers in Brooklyn

While there are many shops that are opening up to buy gold, silver and gem stones lately, we’ve been here for many years. We are the most experienced emerald buyers in NYC which means you won’t have to struggle while working with us. We know exactly what needs to be done to purchase your emeralds and other precious stones so it will go smoothly throughout the entire transaction.

If you’re ever not sure what is happening or you just have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask your emerald buyers in NYC. We are happy to explain the process or answer your inquiries quickly and politely.