Sell Diamonds Hoboken

Sell Diamonds Hoboken

Anyone who is thinking about whether or not they want to sell diamonds in Hoboken should take the time to stop into our shop and see what we can offer. We offer fast and free estimates on your diamond so you know exactly how much you can expect. Our offers are always the highest in the area, and we can also get you the money you need instantly. Whenever selling a diamond in NJ it is a great idea to start with the place that has a reputation for being the best, and that is Sell Diamonds NYC.

No matter what type of diamonds you have or how big they are, we can give you a great price for them. We purchase both loose diamonds and those which are part of jewelry. Whether you have an old engagement ring, a diamond pendant, diamond earrings or something else entirely, we’ll look at the diamond itself as well as any other materials in the jewelry and let you know exactly what it is worth. We are happy to provide as much information as possible when people want to sell diamonds in Hoboken with us.

Sell Diamonds Hoboken | Free Professional Appraisal

One of the many things that really help to set us apart from the competition is the fact that we offer free professional appraisals. Our diamond and gem expert is on site to look closely at any type of diamond. We can give you detailed information about the size, cut, quality, clarity and other information about your diamond before you decide whether or not you want to sell it. Those who sell diamonds in Hoboken love the fact that Sell Diamonds NYC has all the high quality equipment necessary to give these appraisals.

Many of our customers have come into our shop after visiting a competitor to try to sell their diamond. They are often shocked at just how much more we can offer than the other companies that buy and sell diamonds in Hoboken. One of the reasons why we can pay so much more for diamonds than other companies is because we have the ability to perform these detailed appraisals. Once we know exactly what the diamond is worth, we can make a fair offer.

Sell Diamonds Hoboken | Get Cash Today

Those who come to us wanting to sell diamonds in Hoboken also love the fact that we can pay them cash immediately when they decide to sell. Once all the paperwork is completed we can count out the case we owe you right on the spot. This means no waiting around for a payment to be made, or even having to visit the bank if you don’t want to. There is absolutely no faster way to sell diamonds in Hoboken than by working with Sell Diamonds NYC.

If you’ve got a diamond of any type that you’re thinking about selling, bring it in and let us give you a fast and free appraisal. We can answer any questions you might have, and we’ll never pressure you into selling. You can even call us at 212-398-7856 to chat with one of our diamond experts or customer service professionals to have your questions answered.