Sell Diamonds Greenwich

Sell Diamonds Greenwich

When trying to sell diamonds in Greenwich it is important to have a good understanding of how much your items are worth. If you come to Sell Diamonds NYC we will provide you with a free appraisal of your piece so you know exactly what it is worth. We’ll also make an offer to purchase it from you right on the spot. Many of our customers are surprised at how high our offers are, especially if they have been to other diamond buyers in CT.

Our diamond buyers will pay as much as possible for all types of diamonds. We want our clients who sell diamonds in Greenwich to be comfortable coming to us again and again, and paying the most for their items is one of the many things we do to ensure that is the case. Many of our clients have been selling with us for years, and even recommended us to their friends and family because they were so happy with the services we provided.

Sell Diamonds Greenwich | Buying All Types of Diamonds

Another thing that really sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we are able to buy all types of diamonds. When you want to sell diamonds in Greenwich to other companies you are often going to be limited on the size and type of diamond. Here at Sell Diamonds NYC, however, we can handle any type of diamond you might have. From small to large, we can buy any diamond you have right on the spot, and pay a fair price to do it.

We also buy colored diamonds. These are much less common than the normal white diamonds which makes it difficult for other companies to handle. Our diamond expert, however, knows how to appraise any colored diamond you might have. If you want to sell diamonds in Greenwich, you won’t find a place which is more flexible and willing to buy all types than our shop.

Sell Diamonds Greenwich | Loose Diamonds or Jewelry

In addition to buying all types and sizes of diamonds, we also buy them either as loose diamonds or in jewelry. Most people only have diamond jewelry, and that is the most common way to sell diamonds. When we look at these types of things we’ll not only look at the diamond itself, but also the high quality materials which make up the whole piece. We often buy engagement rings, diamond pendants, tennis bracelets, earrings and much more. No matter what type of diamond jewelry you have, we’ll be happy to pay you top dollar for it.

Buying loose diamonds is often simpler than those within jewelry because there is only one thing to appraise. This means we can typically make you an offer within a short amount of time and give you the cash you need right away. Whether you have one diamond or several, we can buy them all for you quickly and easily. Stop into our shop to sell diamonds in Greenwich today, we’ll work hard to get you as much money as possible and make the whole transaction as simple as it can be.