Sell Diamonds Union City

Sell Diamonds Union City

Diamonds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When you want to sell diamonds in Union City, NJ, you should be able to sell them in any shape that they come in. This includes such things as Pear, Emerald, Oval, Radiant, Princess, and many others. If a diamond buyer is telling you that they will buy your diamond because it is not the right shape for them, you need to be able to go somewhere that will buy your diamonds – and pay you a premium price.

Sell Diamonds in Union City by Knowing Cut

The cut of your diamond is going to have a lot to do with its marketability. There are certain cuts that are more popular than others – including Princess and a round brilliant cut. There are also some cuts that are considered harder to find – such as an Asscher cut.

Most buyers look at all 4 Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Once you know the kind of your diamond, you will be able to talk to a buyer more effectively about how to sell diamonds in Union City, NJ. The cut is just as important as everything else because it is what helps the light to bounce around the diamond and make it that much more impressive to look at. Different cuts are able to do different things with the light – and this is why some people will prefer one cut over another one.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what cut your diamond is. It simply matter is that it was done well. Some buyers will want a specific diamond because they have a very limited market and they know what sells within their market. If your diamond cut does not fall into this market, will find it difficult to sell your diamond – at least for the value that it is truly worth.

Sell Diamonds in Union City that are Rare

If you have a rare diamond or rare cut of diamond, will be able to sell your diamond easily – as long as you find the right market. If you want to sell diamonds in Union City, NJ that are rare, you need to locate the perfect buyer. The perfect buyer ultimately one that deals in certified diamonds – and is a certified diamond buyer. Additionally, you want to work with a professional diamond appraiser that knows how to provide the right value for your diamond.

Throughout the diamond buying community, there are places where you can sell diamonds in Union City, NJ – and beyond. If you want to be paid top dollar for your rare diamonds, you have to know where to go. Sell Diamonds NYC is known to be one of the best places to sell diamonds because of the certified diamond buyer status as well as because of the location inside of Midtown Manhattan – the heart of the diamond district.

When you are ready to sell diamonds in Union City, NJ, you may find that a place will not pay you the kind of money that you were hoping for. Additionally, if you have a rare cut or a large diamond, you may find that a buyer will not even talk to you because they don’t have the funds to buy what you have. Instead of holding onto your jewelry and losing out on the ability to gain cash, you have a better option.

At sell diamonds NYC, you can bring your diamond in and be paid cash. If you don’t want to drive out of in city, you have the option of mail order – which means that you send the diamonds in to be appraised and paid out to you.