How to Sell Diamonds in Freehold Township

How to Sell Diamonds in Freehold Township

For many people, the thought of selling diamonds really hasn’t ever crossed their minds.  They aren’t sure how it is done, or even why it is a good idea.  Since selling diamonds isn’t something that people do on a regular basis, it can be intimidating or even overwhelming.  Learning how to sell diamonds in Freehold Township, NJ, however, isn’t difficult.

We work hard to make the entire process as fast and easy as possible.  We understand that whether you’re thinking about selling because you need some fast cash, or just because you don’t want the diamonds anymore, it is still a major decision you have to make.  Our goal is to try to make the entire process as easy as possible, and to support you whether you want to sell or not.

Preparing Your Diamonds

When you’re getting ready to come to our shop (or mail the diamonds in, if you choose) don’t be tempted to try to clean the diamonds yourself.  Many people have made the mistake of attempting to use cleaners on their diamonds or jewelry, and if not done properly, it can actually damage them.  If a piece of jewelry needs to be cleaned before we appraise it, we can take care of that here in the shop, using the proper equipment.

To prepare for selling your diamonds, you just want to pack everything in a safe bag, and bring it into our shop.  If you have diamonds, gold, silver or any other similar valuables, just place them carefully in the bag and bring them in.  We’ll take a close look, and make you an offer on all your items.  You can then choose to sell them all, or just a few that you don’t want anymore.  We work to give you as many options as possible.

What to Expect in Our Shop

When you are in our shop, you won’t have to do all that much other than think about the offer we make, and decide whether or not you want to sell.  When you arrive, just speak with one of our diamond experts and let them know you’re thinking about selling.  They will look at your diamonds, jewelry, watches, gold or other items and let you know what they need to do next.  In many cases, they will have to analyze them using special equipment, which may take a few minutes.

If you’d like, you’re welcome to browse through our shop, otherwise you can wait with our expert, and ask any questions you might have.  Once the appraisal is done, we will give you an offer on how much we can pay to purchase the items.  If you don’t like the offer, you’re always welcome to keep your items, without a charge.  If you do want to sell, you’ll just have to fill out some quick paperwork to complete the transaction.  We can pay you cash on the spot for the diamonds, which makes this one of the easiest ways to get money fast.  If you want to speed up the process even further, you can call ahead for an appointment by dialing 646-755-3981.