You can Sell Diamonds in Garden City

You can Sell Diamonds in Garden City

Most people today have some sort of diamonds in their home, whether it is diamond jewelry, or something else. In many cases, the diamonds are no longer used, but they just sit around in a jewelry box collecting dust. This is because most people don’t realize that you can sell diamonds in Garden City quickly and easily, and get paid a lot of money for all different types of diamonds. Whether you have an old engagement ring from a previous marriage, or a pair of diamond earrings that you just don’t like anymore, selling them for cash is a great option.
Here at Sell Diamonds NYC, we buy all types of diamonds, no matter how big or small. We also buy colored diamonds, loose diamonds and even diamonds that are part of broken or damaged jewelry. Whatever you have, we are interested in buying it from you. We’ve been buying diamonds and other precious items for many years, which gives us the experience and knowledge needed to be able to pay top dollar for all types of diamonds.

Why We are the Best

The reason we are able to pay so much for your diamonds is because we know exactly what we’re doing. When less experienced companies try buying diamonds, they have to pay far less to ensure they have a bigger margin for error. This way, if they make a mistake, they can still turn a profit on every purchase. The fact that we have been doing this so long, and our jewelers are industry experts allows us to pay more than our competition can.
Another big benefit to working with us when you want to sell diamonds in Garden City is that we have all the tools and equipment right on site to do a full appraisal. This allows us to quickly determine the value of your diamonds, so we can make you a fast offer. In most cases, we can evaluate your diamonds, and make you an offer in well under an hour. If you decide you want to sell your diamonds, we’ll have you complete some simple paperwork, and pay you right on the spot. Selling to us is a great way to get the cash you need extremely quickly.

Sell Diamonds in Garden City

People are always looking to sell diamonds in Garden City, and we are able to buy them throughout the year. There is a high demand for diamonds today, which means that we can buy them at a high price, and still sell them quickly. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you have any questions about how to sell your diamonds, or how much they might be worth, please don’t hesitate to stop in our shop. One of our diamond experts will take a look at what you have, and let you know how much we can pay for each diamond.
If you’re still not sure you want to sell, or you’re not in the area at the moment, feel free to call us at 646-755-3981 to ask any questions you might have.