How to Sell Diamonds in Linden NJ

How to Sell Diamonds in Linden NJ

If you need some extra cash, but don’t want to get a loan from someone, you might be thinking about selling diamonds. Most people have some type of diamond in their home, whether it be jewelry, an old engagement ring, a watch with diamonds in it, or even just loose diamonds from broken jewelry. You can take these precious stones and turn them into cash when you work with us. We are expert jewelers and love buying diamonds from people throughout the New Jersey area.
We have all the experience and equipment necessary to do a full appraisal of your diamonds, so we can make you a fair offer to purchase them. In most cases, we can appraise your diamonds, and make you an offer very quickly so you can decide whether or not you’d like to sell. The appraisal and offer never come with any obligation to sell, and they are completely free of charge, so there is really no reason not to come in and see what your diamonds may be worth.

We Pay Top Dollar for All diamonds

We have been buying diamonds from people for quite some time, and we’ve learned that it is a good business practice to pay as much as possible for each diamond. This is how we’ve developed a loyal client base, who keep coming back to us again and again. Of course, some people only have one diamond to sell, but treating them right and giving them the best experience possible can lead to referrals in the future too.
In addition, by paying top dollar to people who sell diamonds in Linden NJ, we are able to bring in more diamonds than would otherwise be possible. The more diamonds we buy, the more we are able to sell, so we are making more money. This is a win-win situation for our business, and for our clients. If you have any type of diamond that you no longer want, please bring it in to us to see how much it might be worth. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much we are able to pay for virtually any type of diamond, and how easy it is to sell.

Contact Us with Questions

If you have any questions about how to sell diamonds in Linden, NJ please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. You can come into our local shop and speak with one of our diamond experts, or you can contact us on the phone by dialing 646-755-3981. You can also call ahead to make an appointment with one of our professionals here in the shop to get your diamonds appraised. If you don’t want to call, however, we always accept walk ins too.
Remember, we are here to make your diamond selling experience as easy as possible, so come in and give us a try. We can often appraise diamonds, make an offer, and pay the agreed upon price in under an hour, so this is really one of the best ways possible to quickly sell diamonds and get your cash.