Can You Sell Diamonds in Harrison NJ

Can You Sell Diamonds in Harrison NJ

When people go through their jewelry box and find that they have a number of old pieces of diamond jewelry that they no longer wear, they often wonder if it is possible to sell diamonds in Harrison, NJ. It doesn’t make sense to just hold on to old items that you no longer wear, but they are still quite valuable so you don’t just want to give them away, or worse throw them away. Fortunately, you can sell diamonds, and it is actually quite simple as long as you know what you’re doing. The best way to sell diamonds is to reach out to experienced buyers, like us.
If you’re thinking about selling any type of diamond, or diamond jewelry, consider stopping by our shop to see how much it might be worth. Many people who bring their items into us so we can do an appraisal are very surprised at just how much they are worth. Diamonds tend to hold their value quite well, due to the fact that they are relatively rare. Even damaged diamond jewelry can still be worth a lot of money when you sell it to us.

How Does Selling Work

For those who are thinking about selling any type of diamonds, the first thing to do is to gather all your diamonds that you want to sell together. This could include any type of diamond jewelry, diamond watches, loose diamonds or anything else you have. From there, you can bring them all into our shop and have our diamond expert take a look at them. We offer free, no obligation diamond appraisals right in our shop. We can typically look at all your items right away, so we can determine their value.
Once we’ve done our appraisal, we’ll make you an offer to purchase the diamonds from you. If you like the offer, you can complete the paperwork and we’ll pay you immediately. Many people are in and out of our shop in an hour or less after having sold their diamonds. This is really one of the fastest ways around to get money when you need it. So, whether you have an old necklace with a diamond on it, or a diamond engagement ring from a n old relationship, or anything else, consider bringing it in to us to see how much cash you could get.

Contact us to Sell Diamonds in Harrison NJ

It doesn’t matter if you know for sure that you want to sell diamonds in Harrison, NJ or if you’re just thinking it over, we are here to help. You can stop in our shop anytime to speak with one of our diamond experts, or you can call us at 646-755-3981. We can answer many of your questions right over the phone, and sometimes it is even possible to give you an estimate of the total value of your diamonds. We are always happy to provide you with as much information as we can about your diamonds, and how to sell them.