Sell Silver in Hudson County

Sell Silver in Hudson County

Where to find Silver to sell for cash?

Most people are aware that it is possible to sell silver in Hudson County, and get paid good money for it. What may people don’t realize, however, is that they likely have silver in their own home that they can sell. We’ve found that many of our clients just happened to learn that they had the silver they are selling by chance, without even really realizing it beforehand. Of course, some types of silver like jewelry, for example is going to be quite obvious. The funny thing, however, is that even though many people have old silver jewelry that they no longer wear, most people don’t even make the connection that they could sell it for cash.
If you have found your way to this site, you likely have one or more pieces of silver that you’re thinking about selling. If that is the case, you should definitely bring it into our shop since we pay cash for silver every day. Before you do, however, go through the list of some of the items that you may have and not even realize they are made of silver. If you have them, you can add them to the item you’re already selling and make a lot more money.

Silver items you can sell

The following are just a few of the items that you may have that are made from silver. These ideas will hopefully get your mind working so you can recall any other items that you may have, which you might want to sell.
• Antique Eye wear – Some antique eye wear was made with silver. If, for example, you inherited some antique items, go through them and see if any of them look silver. We can test them for you to confirm, and would be happy to buy them if they are silver (or any precious metal).
• Silverware – This one should be obvious, but many people don’t even think about it. While most silverware that people use on a daily basis is not actually silver, a lot of people have a set of actual silver silverware. It may have been given to them as a gift, or passed down to them, or possibly just purchased it for entertaining. Whatever the case, bring it in and sell it to us for top dollar.
• Tea Sets – Some older tea sets can be made with silver. This could be the glasses, the silver serving tray or other parts to it. Even if it is only plated in silver, it can be worth a lot of money.
• Watches – Many watches are made with silver, and they can be quite valuable.
• Coins – If you have a coin collection, some of them may be made with actual silver. Even if they aren’t, we’ll look at the coins and may be able to buy them from you.
Go through your home and keep an eye out for any items that may be made with silver. Whether they are pure silver, or just plated, we’ll be happy to buy them from you, so bring them into our shop any time for a free, no obligation appraisal today.

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