Sell Diamonds in Bergen County

Sell Diamonds in Bergen County

How long does it take to Sell Diamonds in Bergen County

Many people who hear that we pay top dollar for all types of diamonds are curious to see how much time and effort it will take for them to get paid for their diamonds. When you sell the diamonds here in our shop, you may be surprised to hear that in many cases you can be in and out in under an hour. Not only that, but you’ll have the cash for your diamonds in your pocket when you leave.
This is possible because we do everything we can to help make the whole diamond selling process as streamlined as possible. From the moment you walk into our shop, we will work hard to assist you in every way we can so we don’t waste any of your time. Of course, we won’t rush you either. If you need time to decide whether or not you want to sell diamonds in Bergen County, we’ll give you all the time you need.

Getting Cash for Diamonds

Just so you know what you can expect, we’ll outline a basic transaction that we have on a regular basis. Of course, each customer is unique so your experience may be different. In most cases, however, you’ll go through the same basic steps when selling your diamonds.
First, you’ll come into our shop and speak with one of our diamond experts. We’ll take your diamonds and look at them using our specialized equipment to determine their value. This is all part of the free, no obligation appraisal that we offer all our customers. Once done, we’ll let you know how much we are able to pay for your diamonds. If you decide you want to sell your diamonds, we’ll give you a couple pieces of quick paperwork that you’ll need to fill out.
Once completed, we will take the diamonds and give you the money we agreed upon. You can then take the money and go spend it in any way you desire. In the event that you don’t like the offer we make, you can take your diamonds with you, and the appraisal and offer are free of charge. In some cases we may even let you know that the offer will be valid for a specific amount of time so if you change your mind the next day, you can come in and sell diamonds even more quickly.

Contact Us

If you want to sell diamonds in Bergen County, just stop in our shop or give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you through the whole process. You can call us at 646-755-3981, or you can stop in our shop, which is located conveniently at 55 West 47th St, Suite #203D, New York, NY 10036. Either way, you can bring any type of diamonds that you have and we’ll appraise them and give you an offer to purchase them from you right away.