Work with us to Sell Diamonds in Bergen County

Work with us to Sell Diamonds in Bergen County

Simple tips for staying Safe

If you’re looking to sell diamonds in Bergen County, it’s vital to stay “on your toes.” There are hundreds of shadowy figures and businesses across Bergen County that say they offer cash for gold, but differentiating between legit businesses and those sketchy companies will directly affect your experience when selling diamonds. By following this guide you will have at the very least done your preliminary research on the market and can move ahead with your sale without getting ripped off.


In the diamond industry more than any other, scammers are rampant. I’ve had people tell me stories where they are sure people swapped out their jewelry with ones that look identical but are fake – then refused to purchase it. This scam is fooling innocent people on a daily basis, and the only way to prevent it is for you to be aware. In addition, many of those same shady scammers are the ones who know least about the industry, all they care about is telling you what you want to hear so they can steal your jewelry and money. If you’re not getting valued from an actual diamond expert, chances are you are getting underpaid and ripped-off.


If you plan on selling diamonds, know how much they are worth. Every place you go will tell you a different price – the only common denominator is they are trying to rip you off by paying you pennies on the dollar. By doing some proper research in-store or on the Internet, you can quickly figure out the value of your diamonds, allowing you to come up with an acceptable range to sell it at.

Online Headaches

I highly recommend that you avoid the online marketplace when selling diamonds. It can be appealing, because individuals (who for all you know are in some hostel in China) are offering you much more than anybody locally – and much more than your original research indicated. People often get greedy and decide to sell to those online buyers. What happens next? It usually goes something like this:
• The buyer submits his payment to an escrow, which is supposedly guarding your money until the buyer receives his diamonds.
• The buyer submits a complaint with the escrow, saying the diamonds you sold are not as advertised or fake.
• Because of the high value transactions, the escrow will decide that the buyer will ship your diamonds back and when you receive them, they will be refunded the money.
All sounds good, right? Until you receive your jewelry back and it’s FAKE – obviously not what you originally sent in. You submit a complaint to the escrow, and they will always rule for the buyer. Meaning? They take away your funds and you have some glossy junk worth nothing.

it’s Not worth It

Is it really getting worth ripped off for a few extra bucks? Whether you go to some flea market stand that says they buy gold or you try to squeeze every penny from an online buyer, you are much better off going into a local store with government permits. You can be guaranteed your items won’t be stolen and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to talk to an expert who will tell you exactly what your diamonds are worth.