Protect Yourself if you Sell Diamonds in Hudson County

Protect Yourself if you Sell Diamonds in Hudson County

Sell to the Right Place to Stay Safe

Selling diamonds in Hudson County can be a huge hassle. Let me tell you from personal experience, most diamond buyers around Hudson County are only out to make a buck, regardless of what laws they break or who they rip off in the process. That’s why you must be extremely vigilant and careful with whom you deal with. I’ve had people tell me they’ve been robbed straight up at gunpoint from someone who was interested in purchasing their diamonds, to people who were paid a fraction of what any expert would have valued it at. Many of those people, after talking to me, attempt to have the jeweler “cancel” the trade only to no-avail – they stay in business by ripping people off and once they get you, they get you.

How much are diamonds worth?

The prices of diamonds hugely vary based on the time of the year, availability in the local market, and what quality of diamond you have. The most important thing to remember when selling diamonds is to not undervalue what you have. Use the Internet not to sell your jewelry but to get an idea of what other people are selling it for. Just because someone is listing something at X dollars does not mean it is worth X dollars. That’s why it’s important to look at many different sources, different vendors, and come up with an average selling price.
Take your time, do the research, and most importantly, talk to an expert. If you are having trouble finding an educated and experienced diamonds dealer, we have an expert on site at all times. Just schedule an appointment or stop by and you will get an honest valuation on your jewelry.

Where should I sell diamonds?

Before I tell you where, just remember to be patient. Being impatient is the number one way people get ripped off (taking an offer too good to be true, or lacking to do research and end up getting virtually nothing in return) in the Hudson County diamond market, so if you don’t want to be one of those people, take your time.
I will mostly recommend staying away from flea markets (and other small, low overhead local “companies”) and online vendors, as both have huge negatives. I’ve heard tons of horror stories from people trying to sell their diamonds through those two medians only to be scammed for everything.
I recommend coming into our store and getting a complete valuation and a fair quote on your diamond. Unlike those flea market companies and online vendors, we use government permits to operate and have the peace of mind that you are selling to a legal, registered entity that you can return to at any time if you have any problems. We always have an expert at the store ready to help you value your diamonds and decide the next step after. If you think you’re ready to get top-dollar for your diamonds from a trusted source, stop by today or give us a call.