Avoid Losing Money when you Sell Diamonds in Warren County

Avoid Losing Money when you Sell Diamonds in Warren County

Only Sell to a Top Rated Diamond Buyer

Warren County is a tough place to sell diamonds at considering how difficult it is to find quality diamond buyers that you can trust. Just like selling a car, you want to deal with somebody who isn’t sketchy and doesn’t make you question being there in the first place. There are scammers and robbers spread throughout the county, lurking for innocent sellers like you to cheat out of your jewelry and hard-earned money. Don’t forget, though, they are also all over the internet, so being aware and vigilant is vital in this brutal market, especially in Warren County.

How do people scam you?

• They knowingly pay you pennies on the dollar, making profits that are sometimes hundredfold, all while cheating you out.
• They swap out your jewelry for identical looking ones that are fake and worth nothing, then tell you they decided not to buy yours, leaving you with no proof and fake jewelry.
• Through online platforms, they start bogus claims that payment companies often agree in their favor, meaning YOU get cheated out once again, either by returning it broken or as a different product, or completely stealing your items.
• I’ve heard of customers who have been robbed at gunpoint from someone who wanted to meet him to purchase his diamonds. Due to the high value of diamonds, felons are often drawn into the market, making it even more important for you to sell to a trusted source.

How do I properly value diamonds?

• Do research on the Internet.
• Search many sources, not just one.
• Remember that just because you see an item selling for a certain price, the actual value is often lower. Many people list diamonds very high online in hopes someone will buy it sooner or later.
• Talk to an expert in diamonds. If you can’t find one in Warren County, we have an expert on-site to help you at all times.

To Do & Not to Do

• DO Proper Research so you don’t get ripped off.
• DO verify the authenticity and value with an expert.
• DON’T Sell Online, as most people are scammers. Always face-to-face.
• DON’T sell to shadowy businesses such as those located in flea markets.
• DON’T Rush your decision. Being impatient almost always lead to you making an incorrect decision.
Pawnshops are the best place to sell diamonds at because of the authenticity you are guaranteed to receive. Even more than major businesses, pawnshops need many special licenses and permits (that are very expensive!) in order to operate. This is so the dishonest and cheating thieves aren’t allowed to open major stores – they have to operate from their online businesses that they can mask themselves from, and tiny counter-top stores that they can shut down on a day’s notice.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about selling diamonds in Warren County. We have multiple diamond experts available to help value your watches, rings, bracelets, and other diamond jewelry. We can answer your questions through the phone, but it’s important that we have the item in front of us if you’re looking for a valuation. Due to such varying prices, it is impossible to give any accurate number without seeing it first.