How to get the most cash when selling diamonds in Union County

How to get the most cash when selling diamonds in Union County

Tips for Getting Top Dollar for Diamonds

If you have diamonds to sell, it won’t be tough for you to find a perspective buyer. However, finding a buyer to pay you fair market value for your jewelry without ripping you off can be a much more daunting task. From my experience, I’ve noticed patterns of customers who get ripped off and those that don’t. I used that information to come up with a short guide on how to get the most cash for your diamonds.
First of all, as I just mentioned, the booming diamond market is filled with crooks. The high value/karat that diamonds carry are a huge incentive for them to get involved and prey on innocent targets – normally sellers like you trying to get a decent return on their diamonds. To make a successful sale and not deal with crooks, its important to stay on the lookout for them. They will normally not be licensed or have any official government permits allowing them to do businesses in Union County. In addition, many of them will have cheap locations that make it easy for them to completely shut down if they happen to get caught cheating people out of their money and their jewelry.

Start with Research

In order to get the most cash for you diamonds, you need to do some proper research. Online is a good place to start, as long as you understand that not every price you see will be anywhere near current market value. You may be teased into thinking the best way to earn the top cash for your diamonds is by selling it online and you may even getting a few messages from perspective buyers. Be warned, all of the crooks and thieves on earth are lurking online sending messages to everyone who might send them their jewelry. Even through sites like eBay and other major platforms, I have heard countless of stories of people losing everything to those unconscionable people
It’s also important to get it appraised by a local jeweler with experience. It’s a relatively short but detailed process where they figure out how many authentic karats are in your diamond. You will then get an average market value and you will go from there. Also included in your research should be to get different opinions on value from other people – you never know when someone may be trying to pull a “quick one” on you and offer you a cheap amount, hoping you’ll accept.

Sell with Us

The best place to start is at a trusted pawnshop with experts who you can guarantee won’t rip you off. They are always professional appraisers on site with years of experience and an exponential amount of knowledge about diamonds. Not only can you trust us, but you will get a top dollar amount, beating just about any other legitimate offer you can find. Because diamonds are so expensive, you can’t afford to sell them to buyers who are looking to make a few dollars and don’t care about you – it’s important to sell to someone you can legally trust, hold accountable if anything goes wrong, all while getting the most money you will get for selling diamonds in Union County.