Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Diamonds in Hunterdon County

Step-By-Step Guide to Selling Diamonds in Hunterdon County

How to Sell Your Diamonds

People are unsure of what process to take when selling diamonds in Hunterdon County. There are always shady people asking you to sell them your jewelry, making it even tougher for you to find out what steps to take and who to trust. I came up with a useful and practical step-by-step guide to selling your diamonds in Hunterdon County. By following these steps you will be able to unload all of your diamonds and get paid the most possible money while dealing with people who have the legal permits to buy and sell jewelry in the county.

Research the value of your diamonds

It’s hard to price diamonds correctly, so it’s important that you do your own research so you know how much they are worth. Check the web, view around different sources, and take an average for the selling prices you see. You can use this as a median reference point, with regards to value.

Avoid online buyers and transactions

A majority of people ripped off when selling jewelry has done so on the Internet. Unlike in person, thieves can fake identities, mask IP addresses, and many other methods to avoid detection. So you should be careful to only research on the web and don’t fall for any offer – no matter how good or legit it sounds!

Avoid individual “shady” figures and companies with no government permits.

Because of the price of diamonds, there are plenty of criminals looking to screw you out of whatever they can. That’s why most local and state governments require permits to be able to buy (and sell) jewelry as a business. Many criminals know this, so they move to unconventional locations where they can avoid detection and avoid accountability – a trademark for jewelry thieves.

Use an expert

Once you have a median price to work with, find a LOCAL expert that can give you a second opinion on the value and authenticity of your diamonds. If you are struggling finding one in Hunterdon County, we have an expert on-site at all times. Make an appointment or stop by and one of our experienced professionals will be glad to help you. They’ve been in the diamond industry for many years and have seen everything from million dollar stones to fake replicas made in China. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of efficiently and professionally.
If you follow these steps, you shouldn’t have a problem getting top dollar for all of your diamonds. The most important thing to remember is patience. Selling high-value items take item, and those that rush to buy and sell diamonds are often the ones that end up the most disappointed. The best practice you can do is to review every source thoroughly, ask questions