Why People Sell Diamonds in Sussex County

Why People Sell Diamonds in Sussex County

Why Sell Your Diamonds

The diamond-selling industry can be full of unknowns. Prices always vary, while buyers constantly enter and leave the market. This leaves residents in Sussex County unsure of whom to trust when selling their diamonds. 2014 has been a great year for the market in the region, as prices are very high and the success seems like it will carry on to 2015. There are plenty of reasons why Sussex County residents are still selling their diamonds, and I’ll go over the most popular ones:
• Prices have been going up steadily over the last year, making this an opportune time to sell. Since its low point when the recession ended a couple years ago, the jewelry business has been picking up once again.
• The demand for diamonds is at the highest it has ever been. That means there are many more individuals and “insiders” buying them. Unfortunately, that also translates to more people trying to cheat you out of your diamonds for a small profit, so the increasing popularity is even a bigger reason to beware.
• It’s an up and down market, and as in any market (such as real estate or Wall Street, for example), it’s not smart to hold on when prices are high, as they are bound to go down. Investors will tell you that you buy low and sell high. This is the time to sell high!
• The sheer amount of buyers will mean you will be able to get a great price from a legitimate buyer if you are patient. Even here in Sussex County there are plenty of potential customers for your diamonds, so the best thing you can do is take it slowly.
• Many people in the area sell diamonds because they need the money, and they can’t afford to be patient. That’s a great way to come up with quick cash sometimes, but that’s exactly what the thieves and scammers are looking for. If you go to some random jeweler, he will offer you the lowest possible price, pennies on the dollar, with the hope you will accept it without thinking about it. That’s the biggest mistake you could make when selling diamonds, so patience is key.

The best place to get quick cash for you diamonds while getting a legit, fair deal is at a pawnshop – licensed buyers who make a living on honest valuations. Unlike small jewelers’ and online vendors, the pawnshop will be here for years to come, so building a reputation of integrity is vital to success.

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We have an experienced jeweler on site at all times ready to appraise your diamonds. The process normally takes less than an hour (as long as you make an appointment or we’re not busy!), and it is relatively easy. We will offer you a fair market value for your diamonds and you can have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a locally owned, trusted business in Sussex County.