Stay Safe with Top Morris County Diamond Buyers

Stay Safe with Top Morris County Diamond Buyers

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk Selling Diamonds

If you have a diamond to sell you may be tempted to either list it on Craigslist or find the first diamond buying company you see in the yellow pages. While this can be effective, you are really putting yourself and your diamonds at risk by going this route. The reality is, diamonds are a very valuable item, which means that thieves and crooks will be looking for people who they can take advantage of. No matter why you are selling, or how much you need the money, it is always best to do everything you can to ensure you are safe throughout the selling process.
Some people don’t even realize that there are many ways that they could be taken advantage of when selling diamonds. With this in mind we have put together a ‘top five’ list of ways that people get ripped off, injured or otherwise taken advantage of by failing to work with trusted Morris County diamond buyers. Please take a moment to read through it before going forward with selling your diamonds.

Top Five Dangers of Selling Diamonds

1. Getting Robbed – If you aren’t selling your diamond to someone in a safe store, you are at risk of getting robbed by a criminal trying to get your diamonds. Even if you meet them in a public place to complete the sale, they may have an accomplice there to follow you to rob the money back after the sale. You should never sell high value items like this to an individual outside of a business.
2. Fake Diamond Experts – Many people attempt to make themselves seem like diamond experts so you will trust what they say regarding the price of your diamond. They can then buy your diamond for a fraction of what it is actually worth. This is a big mistake and can cost you hundreds of dollars.
3. Robbing you of your Time – Many diamond buyers can take an extremely long time to complete any transaction. Even if you do eventually get paid, you may have to wait for weeks for the money to clear. This is a big waste of your time and if you are in need of the money fast, it can put you in a very bad situation. This is why we always pay our customers immediately after completing a sale.
4. Online Scams – Too many people today get ripped off by selling online. They think they are safe because they may have gotten the money order or PayPal transaction, but the reality is those can be faked. When the person you sent the diamond to gets the item, they will cancel the check or transaction and you will be left without any money.
5. Learning Where you live – Some people use the purchase of a diamond as a way to learn more about potential victims. They figure if you have one diamond you want to sell, the chances are that you have other valuable items in your home. They can get your address from a license or other paperwork and then plan a robbery down the road. This happens when working with individuals or disreputable diamond buyers.
These are just five of the dangers you can face when selling to someone that you don’t know is trustworthy. We have been in business for years, and have a great reputation with the community and all our customers. In fact, many of our customers come from referrals, which really shows just how happy they are with our services. If you want to make sure you have a great experience selling your diamond, make sure you work with the best.

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